Dr Nathalie Muijtjens

European Coordinator

Nathalie graduated with merit from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 2012 as Master of Chiropractic. She is also a member of the Dutch Chiropractic Association (NCA and SCN) and SOTO Europe.

She practices in the Netherlands (Chiropractie Hoofddorp) and combines more techniques using SOT as an umbrella. As a student she received the best project award donated by the European Chiropractors’ Union. Furthermore she is a qualified massage therapist, hypnotherapist and certified in dry needling.

Nathalie’s first degree is in Electronic Engineering followed by a Business Polytechnic Bachelor of Science with Honours degree. Her previous thirteen-year career was with Sony Europe as Senior Marketing Manager in charge of 18 countries. She worked in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Speaks several European languages, makes a hobby out of organising and loves making excel spreadsheets.

Starting off as an electronic engineer and crazy for the latest electronic gadgets, she is fascinated by the human body which is according to her the best piece of engineering. She decided to study Chiropractic when she was treated successfully for her lower back hernia by a Chiropractor in London.

According to Nathalie SOT offers you a framework that is easy to comprehend and finds the source of your patients’ complaint. Thanks to the pre and post-test, patients experience the difference in their bodies and will call you their ‘miracle doctor’.

Nathalie is recently married and the newlyweds spent the last two years reconstructing their house by themselves.

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