SOTO Europe Advanced Certified Exam

Advanced Certification involves knowledge of CMRT (Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique) and cranial components of the S.O.T Manual and Seminar Series Sessions.

All certification candidates must be registered as a chiropractor and have studied chiropractic at a registered university or college. They must be a financial member of SOTO Europe in good standing.

Advanced certification may be undertaken after:

  • Hold a Basic Certification status
  • Three (3) years in clinical practice
  • One hundred and twenty-eight (128) hours of S.O.T. study run by SOTO Europe or its sister organisations around the world.

Reading List
Basic reading list plus;

Please bear in mind when studying, you may be asked questions about the pertinent anatomy, are expected to have an advanced understanding of the Category system and may be examined on any material examinable in the Certified Exam

On passing, the candidate may be invited to assist on the Table Education Team in the Full Series Session.

For more detailed information about each exam, including guidelines, fees and eligibility, please download the Exam Guidelines booklet.  If you would like to apply to sit your exams, please also download the application form and send it to the Exam Co-ordinator with the relevant fee by the due date.  The details of the current co-ordinator can be found in the exam booklet.





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